Welcome to WokeUp!

  • February 1 2018

What is this blog for? Where do I start? Our founder explains WokeUp and why the revolution begins with you

Welcome to WokeUp!

My name is Patrick, and below are some answers to questions you might have. If your question isn’t addressed, please ask it in the comments section.

How do I use WokeUp? What features do you have that will help me make a difference?

Right now, our development team is building out two features:

Projects, which will make it easy to plan and coordinate civic action with other users, and Communities, which will network you with like-minded activists and organizations.

Projects will be associated with Communities, allowing you to easily view what’s going on in your area of interest, sign up to help, or create a new initiative.

Beta testing will begin in Spring 2018.

Make sure to sign up (desktop: upper right corner of this post, mobile: scroll to the bottom of this post) to keep updated on when we release these features in your area!

What’s the deal with the blog?

I have over 15 years of involvement in the world of activism, and have learned a lot, much of it the hard way (learn more about my experience here).

While the features are being developed and tested, I will share insight I’ve gained through my experience and offer challenges so you can become a better activist, and ultimately a better human.

I will provide as much content as possible until we are ready to launch our platform features in your area.

These offerings include interviews, book reviews, handbooks, as well as personal challenges, contests and projects.

How can WokeUp change our toxic politics?

For too long “getting political” has been associated with negativity, fighting, and a win/lose mentality.

The way we approach civic involvement is trapped in a 20th century paradigm.

By performing acts of “good faith”, we will transform our culture, and our politics will follow.

We can do better with the WokeUp approach!

Treat one another with kindness, build relationships, and perform activities around meaningful issues.

Make your voice relevant and powerful, learn to be persuasive and incorporate these skills into your lifestyle.

Save time and become a better activist by contributing in small ways, consistently.

Why will WokeUp be successful?

Our platform is focused on you taking local action and getting you out into your community.

We will connect organizers who have great ideas with local volunteers who can bring them to life.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference, you now have a place to start.

How can I help?

WokeUp has been entirely funded by me, because I believe in you.

If you like what you see, please consider making a donation to support development of the site.

Comment on blogs! Participate in challenges and contests! Sign up for our newsletter! Tell me what you like and what you’d like to see improved- your feedback is invaluable.

This will be a journey unlike any other. Your authentic self and personal story will connect you to your community and shape our culture into a society we want to live in. The revolution will become a renaissance, and we will usher it in, together.


With deepest gratitude,


Founder, WokeUp


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